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"Our mission is to grow seekers of truth in a nurturing environment where they will learn that there is healing for their broken hearts and that their pain need not leave them shackled to a cycle of destruction but that there is hope and wholeness in Jesus." 


God breaks into lives and changes trajectories in a heartbeat. He never destroys history, though.
He redeems it. 
-Luke Burgis, Unrepeatable


Our Calling

To Help little ones and fractured families find Refuge & Hope in Jesus





We believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that wholeness can be found in Him alone.  We believe that God calls all believers to protect those that cannot defend themselves, that children are infinitely valuable, and that they should be cared for holistically.
We long to see all people live in harmony with God and others.

 Our vision is for God's glory to be proclaimed and to see wounded children in difficult circumstances find refuge and hope in Jesus and be transformed so that one day they can take God's redeeming love into their fractured families and communities. 

Our mission is to provide Christian love, protection, and basic needs for the most vulnerable children, teaching them how to love God and love each other while encouraging their unstable families through mentorship and building support systems and accountability within their communities. 

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